“Ashmiyah Cloud Walker”

Ashmiyah Cloud Walker 2

Luke is a beautifully presented boy with stunning rosettes and generous acreage.
He is the son of Lionheart Heart of Gold and Ashmiyah Hez Got Attitude
with lines from Korshki, Gogees, Glitterglam, Amantra, Mi
llwood and Bundas.

“Heathbrae Happy Feet”

‘Happy’ (by name and happy by nature) is our cool brown spotted boy with a delightful personality.  He possesses a quirky disposition and is always pleased to see you, preferring a good scratch over a full plate any day (but only just!).
He is the son of Heathbrae Tangerine and Amantra Cupids Arrow
with lines from Warpaint, Majesticpride, Exoticatz, Millwood, Juniperridge and Silvergene.

“Bengalaura Arctic Illusion”

‘Bear’ is our home grown boy and has just the best disposition, even as a kitten he made it quite clear that he was special and he hasn’t shown us anything to the contrary.  Bear is the son of Bengalaura Pipinghot Skydancer and Heathbrae Happy Feet  with lines from Bengarlis, Sancheita, Kaos, Warpaint, Majesticpride, Exoticatz and Millwood



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  1. Bengalaura Bengals
    Aug 07, 2015 @ 20:17:18

    Hi Muhsine, I’ve just updated the kitten page with more information about my kittens.


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